Why Choose a B&B?

I obviously have a bias towards bed and breakfast accommodation, would be a bit silly if I didn't since I run one. However, in all seriousness, why should you consider B&Bs over hotels?

Times have changed and the lines are more blurred when it comes to what we should expect when we travel. What used to be an obvious distinction between getting luxury in a hotel and the basics in a B&B, is in my opinion starting to get turned on its head. Now don't get me wrong, if you have the money then you will definitely get the deluxe treatment as befitting your purse strings in a quality hotel; likewise you can still find yourself in a B&B where it smells of cat and you could swear someone has literally been thrown out of their bed so you can have it.

Recently, it seems to me, many hotel chains offer a bland, impersonal, often grubby experience, where you are a head on a bed and nothing more. Lacking in personality, cutting costs on the basics and often quite a blah experience. By contrast B&Bs offer a unique experience to the traveller. No property is the same, the customer is treated like family and the owner will be local and know all the best places for you to visit. They are always hands on; the standards will be high and pride is taken in offering you an experience not to be forgotten. Personal greetings; your room will never be ordinary and breakfast is a home cooked delight. Many B&Bs offer extras such as the use of a barbecue, beautiful gardens, family dinners or impromptu music, as well as a host of other experiences.

As said so eloquently by an unknown source;Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer; Therefore, surely it really pays to investigate all your options before settling for a cookie cutter hotel room. Enhance your travel with the delights of the B&B - you won't regret it.